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Omnichain Routing
Eliminate the concept of "being on a chain" with omnichain routing! Operate across multiple chains simultaneously for a truly multichain experience — with support for all EVM chains!
Decoded Transactions
Decode transaction calldata locally using verified ABIs to reveal important details about your transactions. Enjoy easy-to-consume, contextually informed summaries for every transaction, enhancing transparency and security.
S-Tier Hardware Support
Having hardware wallet issues? Frame's OS-level integrations with Ledger, Trezor, and Gridplus devices provide a more reliable connection.
Privacy Focused
Frame is built with the goal of keeping your data transparently under your control and we make it easy for you to point Frame at your choice of trusted infrastructure. Read more about our stance on privacy in our FAQ.
Open Source
Frame is committed to open source, and our code freely available on GitHub. We welcome community input and contributions!
Dedicated to Security
Frame is dedicated to security and regularly undergoes audits conducted by industry-leading firms such as Cure53 and Doyensec, to ensure the highest level of protection for our users.
System-wide web3
Frame creates a secure system-wide interface to your chains and accounts. Now any browser, command-line, or native application has the ability to access web3. Break out of the browser and use Frame to interact with web3 from anywhere on your machine.
Companion Extension
Legacy dapp doesn't support Frame natively yet? Use our Companion Extension to inject a connection! You can even "Appear as MetaMask" to ensure compatibility with all dapps. Plus, enjoy ENS name verification and user inventory on Twitter!
Join The Community
Join our community on Twitter and Discord, give us your feedback, and contribute to Frame's ongoing improvement.
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